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We help businesses increase their marketing return by an average of 300% to 800%, while our data tracking systems enable you to know exactly where each penny is invested and how profitable (or not) it is.

We’re confident in our ability to show results – if you are not satisfied, we offer a full money back guarantee.

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A combined $1+ million of monthly marketing budgets is a testament of our clients’ trust.
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more about us:

We’re one of the fastest-growing full-service digital agencies with a focus on advertising and e-commerce, and with proven results in multiple industries and markets.
Our clients love us because we generate over 100 milion dollars in revenue for then on a yearly basis and typcicaly 3x-8x their marketing return.

Supported by years of combined experience, we are perfectly positioned to provide the expert marketing partnership our clients need, with our sights firmly set on the bottom line.

Are you a SaaS or e-commerce business?
The answer is - yes!

We can help you set up data tracking and build profitable campaigns across Facebook and Google’s channels. Most of our e-commerce clients are working in Tier 1 markets like The US, UK, Canada, Australia…

We are super knowledgeable about building funnels, optimizing campaigns, setting up proper data tracking and metrics, running paid prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

We manage over $700k of monthly budgets for our clients in e-commerce industry and we average a ROAS of around x5

It usually takes us around 1 month to turn things around so you can reap the rewards from paid advertising campaigns.

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for every project.

Our goal is to become your long-term marketing partner, so we will tailor a specific approach for your business, making sure we create a unique set of strategies and tactics that will deliver the best results.

Here are all the services we provide to help our clients skyrocket their sales:


Backed by experience, heavy industry knowledge, and hard data, we help businesses create winning marketing strategies and online sales funnels that will skyrocket their business performance.


We are able to consistently scale our clients on a month by month basis, and we’re proud to say that the average marketing return of our clients are between 300% and 800%.


We’re always looking to scale your business by creating new white space or optimizing current under-utilized marketing channels. Scaling is a never ending job we simply love to do.

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Our consultation call includes a short analysis of your business, best practices, and suggestions on what you could do to immediately improve your results.

After the call we will audit your business and send you a how-to manual that includes advice on what you can do to start scaling immediately.

There are zero obligations or hidden fees included in the call.

Looking for a whitelabel solution? We have one with your name on it

We can help your agency scale! Instead of going through the hassle of hiring in-house, why not hire a team of experts with proven results? Let us worry about operational stuff and focus on scaling your agency by closing new deals.

Your clients are our clients. That means they get our full dedication, and you get peace of mind knowing they are in good hands.

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We let our results
do the talking

Reusable Face Coverings

Increasing online sales & growing brand awareness
The story of how we grew a small family business to 1M monthly revenue in less than 9 months.

+ Performance Marketing
+ Email Marketing
+ Social Media Marketing
+ Video Advertising
+ Marketing Funnels Optimization


290% Unique Sales Increase
Expanding and scaling the whole B2C segment for one of Serbia's largest professional sports equipment business.

+ Strategy
+ Market Research
+ UX Design & Development
+ Brand Awareness
+ Performance Marketing
+ Email Marketing

PHD Nutrition

165% Conversion Rate Increase
Helping a large premium sports nutrition brand scale their online sales, and increase both revenue and brand positioning in the process.

+ Strategy
+ Market Research
+ Performance Marketing
+ Social Media Marketing
+ Influencer Marketing