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Are you spending over $5000 a month on Facebook and/or Google? Do you feel like there are no tangible results and you could be getting more out if it?

You’re absolutely right. And we’d love to help you get it! We are so confident in our results that we’d like to offer an audit with tips on how to optimize your ads by yourself for free.

Our audit is focused on pinpointing the errors in your digital marketing strategy, and offering objective advice on how to improve your presence.

There are no hidden fees and no strings attached – think of it as just two businesspeople sharing their experience.

We promise not to send you any sales pitches afterwards. When the audit is finished, the decision on whether we’ll go ahead and work together is solely yours.

A combined $1+ million of monthly marketing
budgets is a testament of our clients’ trust

What does our free audit entail?

A 45-minute call with our marketing expert, in three parts:

  • Introduction of your business
  • Quick audit of your current marketing efforts
  • Suggestions on how to improve results

A personalized script with detailed information about how to improve your revenue through digital channels, delivered to you in 2-3 days.

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What value does the audit bring?


Get a complete overview of your digital presence and what needs to be improved


Get important advice on how to increase your revenue – completely free and easy to understand so you can do it yourself


Receive a step-by-step strategy proposal on what you need to focus on and what to do to keep scaling at a constant pace

Talk to us and get a free audit

In order to audit your presence the best way, we need to take a look at your campaign structure so we can give you first hand information on what you need to change.

About Us

We are one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies out there, working with clients worldwide.

Unlimited Marketing was founded on three pillars: hard work, trust and consistent growth.

We’re a company that’s driven by these values and we hire people based on ambition, merit, and willingness to do what it takes to succeed.
We believe that in order to be successful in this business you need to love what you do – And we love nothing more than being able to provide high-quality outputs for our clients.
Every decision we make at Unlimited is data-driven. We love data and we believe in it so much that we even have our semi-owned data tracking solutions!

So if you’d like to work with an agency that has:

Proven record and experience with high advertising budgets

Vast knowledge of Facebook and Google and how the funnels work

Exceptional organizational and communication skills

Thirst for knowledge and self-improvement in all aspects of life, not only business

....then we are perfect for each other!

Check out some of our results!

+$20 million in total ad spend
Average ROAS from x3 to x8
Current media spend of over $1 million per month
Over 75 successful projects in last 6 years
Facebook’s Marketing Partner