Digital marketing starts with data setup

Having trouble achieving results, not sure if your campaigns are performing or not, and why?

The success of a digital marketing campaign starts with the correct data setup. Don't spend months and thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to read your data. Generate floods of new sales and customers from the get-go.

A proper data setup resulted in 5x increased revenue for our clients.

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Just how important is data setup?

Well, imagine building a house without a foundation. You would expect it to fall down and crumble in a matter of months, right?

Data setup provides fundamental support for your business by:

  • Enabling the full potential of digital advertising
  • Providing results you need to scale your sales and understand which paid campaigns are performing and which ones are not
  • Displaying the correct picture, allowing you to get more results for less money

Here at Unlimited, we are committed to helping our clients setup data tracking the right way before we start working on anything else.

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Funnel Analysis

[Customer Journey across the Websites and Apps]

Data Setup Audit

[Curent Data Setup Overview]

Data Layer

[Implementation – Configuration]

DVTT Framework

[Data Layer – Variable – Trigger – Tag]

Accessing Custom Data

[Without developer’s help]

Event Tracking

[Link/Button Click – Form/Video/Scroll Tracking]

E-commerce Tracking

[dataLayer specification – purchase and other events – prevent duplicate transactions]


[All 3rd party pixels under one GTM]

User Identification

[Properties – Dimensions – Attributes]

Server-side Tagging

[Setup Process – Verifying and mapping custom domain – send data from web to server-side]

Data Stream Consolidation

[1 client-multiple tags – Facebook CAPI – deduplicate conversions, GA4/UA, Google Ads, etc.. ]

Facebook Pixel Events

[Standard Events, Custom Events, Custom Conversions, Web Event Configurations]

Facebook Catalogue

[Data Feed without Issues – Commerce Account – Facebook / Instagram Shop]

Google Tag Manager

[Installation – Consolidation]

Google Ads Conversions

[Track Actions on your Website or App – Import Data and Goals from Google Analytics]

Google Merchant Center

[Data Feed without Issues – Programs: Shopping Ads, Free Product Listings, Dynamic Remarketing]

GDPR Consent

[Updating tags and triggers to be GDPR compilant – implementation and testing Google consent mode]

Custom Channel Grouping

[Multi-channel funnel (MCF) reports]

Attribution Model

[Comparing attribution models and windows – first/last click – data-driven]

Automated Reporting

[Data Studio – Data Box – Google Sheets]

User Analytics Tools

[Amplitude / Mixpanel]

Complete data setup starting from $3000, one time fee!

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