Looking to join our team?

Ready to join the team?

Perks and benefits at Unlimited include:

Flexible working hours

Work from either home or office, or both - whatever suits you best

Opportunity to grow your personal and business skills by learning from some of the best experts in the industry

Growing salary

Generous parental and family leave

Unlimited merch (hoodies, mugs, notebooks) 🙂

Open bar in the office

A career at Unlimited means Unlimited potential

Unlimited Marketing was founded on three pillars: hard work, trust and consistent growth! We’re a company that’s driven by these values and we hire people based on ambition, merit, and willingness to do what it takes to succeed.

We believe that to be successful in this business you need to love what you do. That is why we create a work environment that supports our employees on their business growth journey.

If you’re not easily outworked, and have an enormous thirst for knowledge, plus you are a team player – we would love to work with you!

Be a part of
the A-team

We work with clients all around the globe and manage monthly advertising budgets of over $1 million.

With years of experience in digital marketing we are currently one of the fastest growing agencies in this part of Europe.

We strive to always bring our best, starting with empathy towards our clients and coworkers. We deliver quality results fast, while embracing accountability and learning from our mistakes both individually and as a team, in order to become even better and faster.

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, we are here to enable you to perform to your maximum by providing the flexibility you need to deliver amazing work. We continue to upgrade our processes as we scale to accommodate this asynchronicity and provide a modern-day dynamic work environment.

As Unlimited grows, it provides more amazing opportunities for the personal growth of each and every one of our employees, encouraging their learning and professional development.

Karađorđeva br 5, Belgrade, Serbia

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