Performance Marketing on steroids

We’re gonna scale you so hard your neck’s gonna hurt from looking up 😀

Unlmtd Digital Agency was founded in 2022. when we merged three agencies into one (Performark, Real Choice & Advert).

Unlmtd is a small, high octane performance agency oriented on tangible results in terms of conversions - whether it’s sales conversion or lead generation, filling out a form or simple button click.

We have over 6 years of experience in paid advertising, and we currently handle over $1M of advertising budgets for our clients.

Services in a nutshell


Strategy | Market Research | Business Analysis | Marketing Funnels

Helping over 75 clients in 15 different industries achieve results and grow their businesses, provided us with an exceptional amount of experience in the performance field.We approach things differently, taking a holistic look at the business as a whole, and adjusting accordingly.

Backed by experience, heavy industry knowledge, and hard data, we help businesses create winning marketing strategies and online sales funnels that will skyrocket their business performance.


Lead Generation | PPC Advertising | E-Mail Marketing | Video Advertising | Social Media Marketing | Conversion Rate Optimization

Back in the day, we started as the jack-of-all-trades kind of agency, and over time we niched down and specialized in Performance Marketing.

Now, we are able to consistently scale our clients on a month by month basis, and we’re proud to say that the average marketing return of our clients are between 300% and 800%.


Creating new marketing channels | World class campaign optimization | Optimizing marketing funnels | Conversion rate optimization

Creating one-time winning ad campaigns isn’t how we do things. We’re always looking to scale your business by creating new white space or optimizing current under-utilized marketing channels.

We’re not afraid to test new things and try new ideas, and we’re always basing them on hard analytical data. Scaling is a never ending job we simply love to do.


Work with seasoned professionals on scaling your marketing return and growing your business.

We produce consistent and fast results, with an average of 300-800% marketing return for our clients.

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